Accountant For New Business

Are you looking for an accountant for a new business?

We suggest a face to face meeting in order that you can tell us about your plans for your business.  It may well be the case that you are only in the very early stages of developing your new venture and may not see accountancy services as a priority just yet.  In our experience its never too early to share your ideas with an experienced accountant.

We can help you with initial business plans, budgets and cash flow projections.  Quite often we find that the during an initial consultation meeting new clients have gone to enormous lengths to provide detailed forecasts and projections for their new business.  If you are in that position that’s terrific!

Equally a blank piece of paper a pen and a calculator are often sufficient to progress the financial issues your new business will face.

If you are truly a new start up business we will provide up to 4 hours of our time free of any charge. During this time we would hope to secure the services for your  book-keeping and accountancy requirements.

There is no obligation  on your part whatsoever.

Common key issues

The various advantages, and disadvantages, of your options for the make up of the business, eg:

  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Limited Company

Startup Advice

Up to 4 hours consulting time for new start up's - free of charge!

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Should the new business register for VAT?

Should the new business register for VAT?

If the business must register for VAT, should it be standard or on the flat rate scheme?

photo-car-keysShould the business purchase or lease a vehicle, or should you use your own vehicle?
money jigsawHelping you claim back any setup expenses you have personally incurred
Record Keeping

Helping you choose one of our existing packages, or tailoring a custom software package.

iStock_000006108855MediumIf required, helping you formulate a professional, realistic business plan
that can be confidently presented to a bank or other commercial lender